Why stay in your comfort zone when there is so much more to experience outside of it?

The 1-on-1 coaching that Doors Open offers, sets you up to bring out the best in yourself. Whether it’s about discovering your passion or talent, dealing with stress or fear, or taking the next step in your career, together we will make sure that you reach the desired result!

Our coaching method has been developed by Suzanne Mau-Asam, Learning & Development expert and coach with more than 10 years of experience.

Coaching that works

Coaching with Doors Open combines valuable assessments with personal guidance and the latest scientific insights. We adjust the techniques used based on the needs and make use of somatic coaching, among other things.

Coaching by Doors Open is done with one important goal: to realize a lasting and sustainable change in behaviour. Instead of short term inspiration (compare it to the new year’s resolution to go to the gym more often), we work on a lasting change together.

Our coaching packages have been put together with a lot of care and expertise. Of course it is also possible to make use of completely customized coaching, both on an individual level as well as on organizational level. Contact us for the possibilities and rates or read the information below to find out more about the coaching packages.

The Doors Open coaching packages

  • The personal leader

    Bring out the best in yourself

  • The perfect choice if you want more confidence, want to make better choices, want to learn how to deal with stress and fear and want to bring out the best in yourself.
  • The results

  • You recognize your personal leadership style and know how to put this into practice in order to achieve your goals. You show new and more effective behaviour.
  • You understand which behaviour and which patterns work against you when it comes to achieving goals. You know how to say goodbye to these obstacles.
  • You learn how you can adapt your communication style in different situations, in order to have more influence and become more convincing.
  • You know how to make the right choices.
  • You have more self-confidence.
  • The package

  • Personal and extensive Lumina assessment, with life long access to a detailed report about your personal leadership.
  • Five intense 1-to-1 coaching sessions with Suzanne Mau-Asam.
  • Cost

  • €1250 (excl VAT)
  • The career crafter

    Build the career of your dreams

  • The number 1 choice if you want to take the next step in your career, if you don’t feel like you are in the right function at the moment or if you want to experience more fun in your work.
  • The results

  • You know what your talents, qualities and values are and understand how you can use these to bring out the best in yourself.
  • You learn to overcome your blind spots that would otherwise hold you back from achieving your career goals.
  • You understand which personal obstacles there are when building your career and know how to overcome these.
  • You identify the diverse career options and learn how to see these from a different perspective.
  • You develop practical skills that help you make the right choices and build the career of your dreams.
  • The package

  • Personal and extensive Lumina assessment, with life long access to a detailed report about your talents and points of development.
  • Five intense 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Suzanne Mau-Asam.
  • Cost

  • €1250 (excl VAT)
  • The sales master

    Improve your sales skills

  • The coaching solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, sales and account managers that want to increase their revenue and profits.
  • The results

  • You understand which behaviour works against you when selling and how you can change this.
  • You are better able to influence and convince people, which increases your chance at successful sales.
  • You have gained insight on your qualities as well as your pitfalls during the sales process.
  • You are familiar with the 6 stages of the sales process and understand how you can work effectively in every stage, increasing your revenue.
  • You identify which sales personality you have and how you can use this to achieve the best result.
  • The package

  • Personal and extensive Lumina assessment, with life long access to a detailed report which will help you to improve your sales and profits.
  • Two intense 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Suzanne Mau-Asam.
  • Cost

  • €699 (excl VAT)

Is your package not listed above? Do you want advice on which coaching package suits you best? Or do you work for an organization that needs coaching for multiple employees? Feel free to contact us, no strings attached!

Success stories

When I started, I was very reserved, quiet and insecure. By constantly engaging in conversation, using different tools and her large network, evaluating but also laughing a lot, Suzanne has helped me grow as a person with her coaching.

With your way of coaching you do everything with a conscious approach to make the other person better.

Doors Open is a very nice place to follow a coaching trajectory. Suzanne is attentive, thorough and result oriented and has helped me, in a very pleasant way, to set goals and execute these.

People-oriented coach, both 1-on-1 and for teams. Pragmatic, empathic and focused on concrete results!

Do you also want coaching that works? Feel free to contact us. No strings attached!


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