Traditional leadership programmes focus on the brain, grounded in the belief that knowing how to lead is enough. Embodied leadership moves beyond that. It connects the intelligence of the body to the brain, language and actions for sustainable change.

Leading – both self and others – happens not just through being knowledgeable and learning what change could be like cognitively. It also happens by accessing the wisdom of the body and physically feel the change. Embodied leadership allows you to skillfully navigate stressful (business) situations, thoughts, moods, emotions and behaviour while staying calm and fully present.

Embodied Leadership is not only about what you do and how you lead. It is also about who you are.

Who is the programme designed for?

This programme is for women who are hierarchical leaders or aspire a leadership position and who desire to overcome the challenges they experience and want to cultivate their leadership skills.

Women in (aspiring) leadership positions face difficulties such as:

They often develop imposter syndrome – a constant feeling of being a misfit in the workplace.

This results in chronic stress or even burnout, it holds them back when taking risks or promoting themselves, and compromises their careers. It also hinders their motivation and performance, causing adverse effects on the organisation.

How does this programme benefit women and your organisation?

By attending this programme women will cultivate a strong sense of self and personal and professional growth. Our programme uses the most advanced neurobiology and neurophysiology insights and somatic leadership practices to accelerate the learning of critical leadership skills. Participants will explore and practice a range of topics including:

How does this programme work?

The Embodied Leadership Growth programme uses practical insights from evolutionary biology, neurobiology and neurophysiology that have emerged over the past 30 years. These insights have been transformed into somatic approaches that are practiced during the programme. As a result, participants can immediately apply the practices in their work environment.

The Growth Programme develops these skills by:

Our Growth Modules

Our Growth Programme consists of three interlinked modules, spread out over seven training days. The modules consist of a tailor-made mix of interactive group sessions, reflective moments and exercises. Each module addresses the three dimensions of leadership: leading self, leading others and leading organisational challenges.

About the facilitators

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