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Positive Intelligence – Shirzad Chamine

Shirzad Chamine reveals how you can reach your full potential in both your business and your private life. Positive Intelligence (PQ) measures the percentage of time that your brain works for you instead of against you. The groundbreaking tools and techniques offered in this book have been refined over the past years and are used […]

Dare to lead – Brené Brown

The ultimate playbook to develop brave leaders and courageous cultures. “Daring leadership” is a collection of 4 skills that can 100% be learned. It is learning and practicing what courageous work and difficult conversations are necessary for, as well as daring to open our hearts. Dare to lead dispels the myths that exist about current, […]


My Best Mistake – Svenja Vollmer

Making mistakes is THE way to learn and develop yourself. That is why we at Doors Open are celebrate making mistakes! Every month we interview entrepreneurs, leaders, professional athletes… People who, just like you, have gotten to where they are by failing and standing up again. They have told us about their best mistake:  a mistake which has taught them a lot and has helped them greatly in their development. In this edition: Svenja Vollmer.