Our body can tell us more than only our brain can.

In a world with continuous change and constant innovation, learning has been given a new meaning. We are challenged to learn new skills, work together with people from very different backgrounds and be flexible enough to change roles, jobs, and organizational directions quickly.

It is, therefore, important that we learn to learn, so we can adjust, change, take new actions and make use of our full potential.

Embodied Learning & Somatic Intelligence

Embodied learning is based on the concept of Somatic intelligence that looks at the whole person and all her talents. Neuroscience research shows that behavioral patterns are visible not only in the brain, but throughout the entire nervous system in the body. So, it would be strange, when looking at learning and behaviour changes, not to look at the intelligence and knowledge in the body.

Somatic intelligence gives you access to all aspects of your intelligence – intellectual, emotional, and physical. Using your full intelligence, learning moves from your head to your body as a whole.

This approach makes sustainable (profound and lasting) change possible.

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