The first edition of the Food for Thought Coworking Week on Curaçao in April 2019 was an incredible success. That’s why we go for the second round in June!

What is the Food for Thought Coworking Week?

It’s a unique concept where both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs can lift their business to the next level within 5 days, through 1-on-1 coaching, brainstorm sessions, masterclasses and panel discussionsSuzanne Mau-Asam, founder of Doors Open, is present to support the participants together with Elton Villarreal.

You can sign up for single days or for the full week.

Keep reading to find out why you cannot miss this chance to join the program and sign up to reserve your spot!

Suzanne Mau-Asam

In 2018 Suzanne Mau-Asam was nominated for Viva400 in the category business wonder. So with her you are in good hands to learn how to make a success out of your business. Through personal coaching, tips and recommendations from her own experiences, brainstorms and sessions you will become ready to shape the business of your dreams.

For more than 15 years, Suzanne coaches leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. She owns 2 businesses and is a trained somatic coach at the Strozzi institute.

Elton Villarreal

With more than 10 years of experience as entrepreneur and 3 own businesses, Elton Villarreal yearly inspires entrepreneurs and leaders to take the right steps when building their own business. His motto is: Your Development is Our Purpose!

As coach and trainer Elton is always looking for new ways to help people develop their skills needed to fulfill their dreams as entrepreneurs. He likes nothing better than to inspire and support others with their development.

Day 1: Setting goals for success

We all have dreams.

How do you make sure that your dreams turn into reality? That they don’t just stay dreams? That is exactly what the 1st morning of the Food for Thought Coworking Week is about.

You will set your goal, make choices, a plan of approach and FOCUS. You discover your internal motivation and will learn how, step by step, you’ll get closer in reaching your goal. At the end of this morning you are ready to realize your dream within 90 days!

What will you learn on this day?

  • Reflection: to move forward, it is important to stand still from time to time and look back to where you came from. You will be challenged to think about what your ENTREPRENEURIAL dream is and WHY.
  • Setting goals: How do you go from the “everything is possible” dream to SMART and realistic goals?
  • Dedication and requirements: What do you need to realize your dream? 
  • Fear and obstacles: You will gain awareness about what holds you back while realizing your dreams. 
  • Creating a plan of approach.

Day 2: Finance & Business Model Canvas

You have a great entrepreneurial idea and you know how you are going to tackle it. But how do you make sure it is profitable too?

And how do you take care of financing or tax matters?

The second morning of the Food for Thought Coworking Week will cover the making of a financial plan. You will get to make a financial plan and you get tips and advice from financial experts.

What will you learn on this day?

  • Financing: Where can you go for financing in the initial phase of the business.
  • Sustainability: How do you ensure that your business is financially strong and sustainable.
  • Financial Plan: You will make a financial plan for the long run (5-10 years)

Day 3: How to build a kick-ass brand

There is no standard instruction on how to build a strong brand. What works for one brand does not necessarily work for another.

On this coworking morning you will get to work on your personal success formula. You will also learn that it sometimes is important to get out of your comfort zone to create a strong brand.

What will you learn on this day?

  • Target group: A product for everyone is a product for noone: You are going to be challenged to look critically at your target group. Step-by-step you will create your ideal client.
  • The pitch: You will learn how you can tell your story. What makes your brand special? What makes you different than your competitors?
  • Competitors: Actually, who are your competitors? You will gain surprising insights and learn that competition often comes from unexpected places.
  • Marketing plan: You will make a plan about which marketing channels work for you.
  • The essential toolkit: You will receive practical tips and tricks about which tools you can use to build your brand.

Day 4: Female Focused Coworking Day

It is no news that men and women differ. But also in their entrepreneurship women struggle with different concerns than men.

On this coworking morning you will learn how to become a successful female entrepreneur through the use of personal leadership.

You will work on taking the right choices for your business and your private life. You will learn how to cope with the challenges that female entrepreneurs face.

Attention! Also male entrepreneurs are welcome on this coworking morning, to share their knowledge and experience as well as to learn from other’s.

What will you learn on this day?

  • Stress: You will work on your personal plan for stress management and work-life balance.
  • Strengths: You will learn how to enlarge and use your strengths and qualities in your entrepreneurship.
  • Personal leadership: You will learn to take the right decisions through personal leadership.
  • Tips: You will receive tips and tricks for your business as woman.
  • Inspiration: You will learn from successful female entrepreneurs.

Day 5: Networking as entrepreneur

Walk up to complete strangers during an afternoon or evening, nod politely and smile, tell the same story about what you do over and over again and listen to their stories. Go home with a pile of business cards that won’t be looked at again ever after. Networking can be difficult, is time consuming and feels useless. Although it is so important.

On this coworking afternoon you will work on improving your on- and offline network. You will learn in which way you can make better use of your own network. The afternoon will be closed with networking-drinks where you can enlarge your network on an informal and positive approach.

What will you learn on this day?

  • Your network: Your will create and construct your own network and will learn how you can effectively make use of networking.
  • LinkedIn: You will learn how to generate more business with LinkedIn.
  • Effective networking: You will learn what does and what doesn’t work with networking.
  • Networking-drinks: You will expand your own network during the final networking-drinks and can directly make use of the obtained tips and tricks.

The costs

The program is very flexible. You can choose to take part every day, but you can also choose to join only on particular days.

Your spot for the Food for Thought Coworking Week is definitely saved as soon as your payment has been received.

1 corworking morning or afternoon: Naf 65 ($37). This includes breakfast.

5 coworking mornings is Naf 250 ($145)

1-on-1 coaching

It is possible to book 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Suzanne or Elton. One session takes 1 hour and you will be able to answer your personal coaching question on a deeper level.

For questions or bookings contact us through

1 coaching session: Naf 137,50 ($75)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Leave your details here (no strings attached). We will let you know as soon as the registration for the second edition of the Food for Thought Coworking Week opens up!