You never achieve the best results alone. You achieve that with a team.

That people have to work in teams, does not automatically mean that they are also good at working together. And that is a real shame. Because a good team is more creative, works faster and more efficiently and with this often achieves better results.

Time for the team?

Rome was not built in one day. The development of a good team takes time. Be honest: how much time do you take, as a leader, HR manager or project leader to build a great team? To use the experience, knowledge and qualities of each team member? To really get to know, respect and support each other?

Is a new team starting up within your company? Doors Open offers the perfect kickstart. Have you noticed that existing teams within the organisation don’t function well or well enough? Reach out to Doors Open to let us help you create a strong team.

The 5 reasons why teams fail

Reason #1

Lack of leadership. Isn’t it easy to give the leader of the group the blame? However, it does really start here. If the leader fails, the team will fail.

Reason #2

A lack of common interest. Not everyone come to work with the same goal. For one person it’s about earning money, for the other it’s about developing themselves intellectually while the third wants to feel useful. But what is the common interest?

Reason #3

Evasive behavior and the lack of open communication. We often keep our opinions to ourselves. But precisely by not giving feedback, larger conflicts often arise that are much more difficult to solve in the long run.

Reason #4

Competition. Environments with fierce competition create aggression, disfunction and waste. This is disastrous for the team’s performance.

Reason #5

Incomprehension for the perspective and personality of the other team members. Within teams there is often no understanding for the perspective and personality of others. We are so focused on ourselves and accept our own beliefs and personality as the only truth.

The development of a strong team starts here

The 3 principles of Doors Open for teambuilding

Open communication

A silo mentality, gossiping in the breaks, competition… It’s disastrous for the proper functioning of a team.

Doors Open breaks tensions and obstructive behaviour within teams and makes sure that team members can communicate in an open, honest and constructive way and continue to do so.

New perspective

We are often so focused on ourselves and see our opinions and personality as the only true one. Through this we become blind to other approaches or characters. This leads to tunnel vision, causing us to miss opportunities and leads to misunderstandings and conflict in the team. Doors Open teaches teams to look from a different perspective and this lets them see the qualities of their colleagues.


In order to let a team function properly it is crucial that there is a good balance between individual needs and ambitions of each team member and the goals of the team and organisation. Doors Open knows like no other how to do this.

Open, honest and constructive communication is crucial for strong teams. Doors Open has created a feedFORWARD workbook, with which you can make the first steps.

A team is not a group of people working together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.

Simon Sinek

Success stories

These organisations built strong teams together with Doors Open

The session resulted in a more effective collaboration within the team whereby more insights were gained in each other’s qualities and how to successfully use these in the team. Thank you Suzanne!

Sofie van der WeijerHR Advisor KPN

As a result of the merging of 2 teams, subdued tensions arose within the new team. Suzanne improved the effectiveness and quality of collaboration. There is open and honest communication with each other again.

Tweede Kamer

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