25mayAll Day26Embodied Leadership Retreat (voor vrouwen)The Hague(All Day)(GMT+02:00)

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Traditional leadership programs focus on the brain, grounded in the belief that knowing how to lead is enough. Embodied leadership moves beyond that. It connects the intelligence of the body to the brain, driving actions for sustainable behavioral change. Join us at the Embodied Leadership Retreat , a two-day immersive experience designed for (future) leaders like you who are eager to take their leadership to the next level. 

What you’ll learn:

This Embodied Leadership retreat is not just a course on what you do and how you lead. It is also a journey to self-discovery about who you are as a leader. You will discover the power of embodied leadership and will learn how to lead with authenticity, resilience and impact.  

This retreat will teach you to: 

  • Take confident decisions, voice your opinion and take up space, even in high-pressure situations 
  • Set clear boundaries and stay true to your commitments 
  • Build genuine connections with your team 
  • Navigate change and challenges and inspire others to do the same 
  • Manage stress and improve performance 

What sets us apart:

This retreat offers a unique blend of experiential learning, expert guidance, and self-discovery that traditional courses simply can’t match, as they focus solely on theory and cognitive knowledge. The Embodied Leadership Retreat offers you somatic practices, and cutting-edge leadership strategies that connect your mind, body, and spirit. By physically experiencing situations, you’ll approach them with more confidence and will be able to skillfully guide your thoughts, emotions, and behavior in a calm and collected way. 

Who we are:

Doors Open Learning & Development is an expert agency with over 15 years of experience in leadership development. Our mission is to redefine leadership through embodiment. Founded by certified somatic coach Suzanne Mau-Asam we train (future) leaders all around the globe and enable them to unlock their full potential. 

The Embodied Leadership Retreat will be facilitated by Suzanne Mau-Asam and Boudewijn Bertsch, a business economist, certified somatic coach, and a global leadership consultant who has studied evolutionary biology and neurobiology. He is passionate about helping people bring out the best in themselves and others. 

Who you are:

The retreat is a two-day program for anyone looking to take charge and gain full control of their own life: you will gain insight into the origins of your behavior and how to break negative patterns to unlock your full potential. You will discover what triggers your stress behavior, and learn to navigate it with confidence. 



may 25 (Saturday) - 26 (Sunday)(GMT+02:00)

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