People don’t leave bad jobs. They leave bad leaders.

The world we live in is complex, changes quickly, and offers little stability and clarity.

This makes leadership more challenging than ever. Because how do you deal with a ‘never normal’ environment? How do you take care of your employees and yourself when you know that the risks of too much stress and burnout are increasing? How do you weigh the interests of employees and the interests of the organization against each other? And how do you stay with yourself as a leader and therefore remain authentic?

How is that possible? That is Embodied Leadership in action. You see people acting in a way in which their actions are embodied in who they are.

Embodiment is when your actions consistently reflect your values and commitment, especially under pressure. If you stay embodied under pressure, you become an inspiring leader in your personal life and for your team.

Strong leaders for strong organizations

Doors Open has more than 10 years of experience in the development of leaders at every level and is a partner of start-ups as larger organizations. We know what is needed to develop strong leaders and do not hesitate to deviate from the beaten track.

We provide leaders with the knowledge and skills so they can make use of the right tools or communication techniques in every situation. Through an embodied approach, we look further than only processes and strategies and also pay attention to the emotional side of leadership.

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The 5 biggest challenges for leaders

Challenge #1

The organization that you work in has a top-down approach. This clashes with the leadership style that is required in the world we live in today. How do you go about this?

Challenge #2

There is little stability. Reorganizations are occurring more frequently than ever. How do you make sure that your employees stay motivated?

Challenge #3

How do you create a feeling of teamspirit if that team is constantly subject to change?

Challenge #4

How do you maintain the balance between the interest of the organization and the interest of your employees?

Challenge #5

How do you prevent yourself from being sucked up by daily routine, which causes you to neglect your leadership tasks?

Learn to lead with impact

The 3 principles of Doors Open for Leadership Development

Open view

One of the most important, but at the same time most difficult aspects of leading is making sure that every employee can bring out the best in themselves. On one hand, Doors Open enables leaders to be able to identify every team members’ talents and to be able to let them develop these as much as possible, on the other hand they also shows them how to critically look in the mirror when employees are not developing sufficiently.


Processes, strategies and communication techniques. They make up the focus of many programs and trainings for leadership development and are also the 3 most essential components. However, the emotional side of leadership is often disregarded. Doors Open understands that it is not only difficult for employees, but also for many leaders to, for example, deliver bad news. Through an embodied approach our programs are developed with attention to both the “head and the heart”.


There are so many models available about leadership. Sometimes it just gets too much. More importantly every situation and every individual asks for their own approach. But what is the right approach?

By taking part in the customized programs that Doors Open offers, leaders gain the right knowledge, skills and tools to put into action at the right moment.

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Leadership is an action, not a position.

Donald McGannon

Success stories

These organizations choose to work together with Doors Open to develop strong leaders.

Together with Suzanne I’ve developed many impactful leadership programs. I have gotten to know her as an ambitious and professional L&D expert. She always knows who to involve and keeps on top of things. She was always very attentive to the learning experience of the participants and always created a strong connection between the individual and organization’s needs and goals.

Suzanne has a very authentic manner for working. She gets the job done. Her friendliness, integrity, passion and professional approach is truly inspiring!

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