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Welcome to Doors Open, the platform for companies, employees and entrepreneurs who want to bring out the best in themselves. For more than 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves successfully to help hundreds of ambitious professionals. By using somatic intelligence we support them to discover and develop their talents, in order to reach their full potential.

“Doors Open is the partner for leaders using somatic intelligence”

Join Doors Open and choose our powerful Learning & Development programs, (somatic) coaching and learning, leadership development, workshop and training sessions in order to get the full potential out of yourself, your team or organization!

April 6th: FocusLab #4 – Why performance management often fails to perform – and how to fix it

In our new FocusLabs, Doors Open will take you into a new perspective on performance management, the structure of organizations and human capital. In these interactive masterclasses you will be challenged, under the supervision of an experienced trainer, to think about your field of work, how you can get the best out of yourself, your team and your organization in turbulent times and how to shape human capital in the 21st century. During the masterclasses, the trainers provide you with both theory and practical examples, which you can use to work on the spot.

Are you open to new perspectives? Do you want to think along, talk, expand your network and go home with concrete action points that will make your team or organization future-proof? Join us!

The next sessions is April 6th and is about the theme: performance management


Upcoming Events (workshops, masterclasses and more)


23novAll Day24The Embodied Leadership Retreat (female focused)The Hague(All Day)(GMT+01:00)

The expertise of Doors Open

Get everything out of your talent

As an organization, why do you invest in the development of your employees? How do you ensure that you reach the desired results, both for the organization and the employee?

Doors Open is the right partner to answer these essential questions and to develop a fitting program. From onboarding to complete corporate universities, we ensure that your employees reach their full potential.

Leading with impact

Leading in the world we live in today is more of a challenge now than ever before. Doors Open knows best what you need, both as a beginning or experienced leader, to be successful.

Thanks to our effective leadership programs, you can become the leader that you want to be and that others want you to be.

Sustainable and successful teams

That people have to work in teams, unfortunately does not automatically mean that they are also good at working together.

Doors Open assists companies in developing strong groups of people where everyone can optimally use his or her talent, there where the best results can be achieved. Whether it’s for a start-up or multi-national, it’s all possible.

Powerful coaching

Whether it’s about dealing with fear or stress, finding your dream job, working on your personal leadership, choose Doors Open for coaching! We coach daily with the most important goal: realizing a lasting and effective change in behaviour.

We help you overcome your blind spots, set and achieve your goals, and develop your talent and passion.


Learning never exhausts the mind

Leonardo da Vinci

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