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At Doors Open you are given the space and freedom to discover, try and practice. Making mistakes is a must, because that’s how you learn, more than from anything else. Can it be confronting? Of course. But if you dare to step out of your comfort zone, you will see that you will learn so much about yourself. And then you will grow!

The question behind the question

Do you lean back and expect the initiatives to come from the trainer or coach? Then Doors Open is not the right place. We continue to push and challenge you until we have clarified the question behind the question and we have discovered how or where you or your organisation can bring out the best in themselves.

They went before you

This is why hundreds of professionals choose Doors Open yearly.

I really recommend Doors Open! I have been able to follow multiple training sessions. Suzanne is thorough, empathic, result oriented and she knows how to, in a very sensitive and tactful manner, reach the core and expose everything. With her style she is able to stimulate and inspire groups as well as individuals. She asks the right questions and holds a mirror up in front of you so that teams and individuals gain more insight in themselves.

Doors Open Leiderschapstraining - KPN

Together with Suzanne I’ve developed many impactful leadership programs. I have gotten to know her as an ambitious and professional L&D expert. She always knows who to involve and keeps on top of things. She was always very attentive to the learning experience of the participants and always created a strong connection between the individual and organization’s needs and goals.

Suzanne has a very authentic manner for working. She gets the job done. Her friendliness, integrity, passion and professional approach is truly inspiring!

I had the pleasure of working with Doors Open for the senior management of Nationale Nederlanden. Together we were responsible for delivering leadership workshops for the managers of all the business units in Europe and Japan. Part of this included coaching the senior leaders.

Suzanne is an expert in the field of leadership development and a competent workshop supervisor for small and large groups. She is an experienced coach with unique skills as a somatic coach, which she has gained at the world famous Strozzi Institute of Embodied Leadership.

I have gotten to know Suzanne as someone that is attentive, thorough, intensive, intuitive and action oriented. She keeps asking until she gets to the question behind the question.

Doors Open - Learning & Development - Leiderschapstraining Staatsloterij

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