Develop a passion for learning. Then you will always continue to grow.

Most organizations know that it is important to invest in employees, both in new and existing employees. It ensures more engagement, increased productivity and improved results. Nevertheless, there are still very few companies with an effective Learning & Development program.

Get rid of the blanks

Truly developing employees goes much further than having training sessions every now and again.

It starts with finding out the answer to important questions.

“Why do we invest in the development of our employees? And if we do invest, what is the right way in order to achieve the desired results, both for the organizations and the employees?”

Doors Open is the right partner to help you answer these essential questions and to create a fitting program. From onboarding to complete corporate universities, we ensure that employees can reach their full potential.

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The 5 challenges of Learning & Development

Challenge #1

You know that an an organization you have to do something with Learning & Development, but you don’t know where to begin. This leads to delayed decisions or choosing the wrong program.

Challenge #2

You don’t know what you don’t know. Therefore it is difficult, for employees as well as organizations, to properly determine the training needs.

Challenge #3

With the hustle of daily routine, leaders forget to spend time and attention on the development of their employees.

Challenge #4

Employees want to develop themselves but don’t always know whether there is a budget for it, or they are afraid to ask for it.

Challenge #5

Organizations are afraid to invest in development. “What if that person leaves again in 3 months?”

You can learn to learn

The three principles of Doors Open for Learning & Development

From A to Z

For a beneficial development of employees, only providing them with a training session is not sufficient, programs have to be developed from a vision on learning. Questions that need to be answered are: “What do we want to achieve?” “How do we make sure that there really is a lasting and sustainable change in the organizational culture and/or the change in the behaviour of employees?”

Doors Open has more than 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of successful and result oriented onboarding programs specifically for new employees and the creation of complete training programs and corporate universities.

The question behind the question

How do you know in which area employees need to develop themselves? How do you ensure that the investment in training is not a waste of money?

Choosing and putting together the right training program, for employees at every level within the organization, starts with identifying these needs and “the need behind the need”. An employee that is overloaded with work, may think they need a training in time management, but in reality they actually need to work on their assertiveness.

Doors Open is the partner when it comes to finding the answer to these questions.


“Today we are going to go from point A to B by bike.” That sounds like a nice activity during a training session but why are you doing it? And what do you gain from it?

Many training sessions fail to make the theory applicable in practice. This is where Doors Open makes the difference. By offering the right activities, theories and insights within the programs, organizations are guaranteed that the knowledge and skills will also be used within the company.

In which area do you want to develop yourself? And how do you do that? With this useful work book you can find out! Download for free.

There is only one thing worse than training your employees and seeing them leave. Not training your employees and seeing them stay.

Henry Ford

Success stories

These organizations partnered with Doors Open for the development of their employees.

Together with Suzanne I’ve developed many impactful leadership programs. I have gotten to know her as an ambitious and professional L&D expert. She always knows who to involve and keeps on top of things. She was always very attentive to the learning experience of the participants and always created a strong connection between the individual and organization’s needs and goals.

Suzanne has a very authentic manner for working. She gets the job done. Her friendliness, integrity, passion and professional approach is truly inspiring!

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